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Gain critical insight and transparency into real-time flows on pipelines carrying Y-grade NGLs and purity products (ethane, propane, butane)

Unique and accurate NGLs pipeline monitoring gives advance notice of price movements

Genscape employs its proprietary monitoring technology to detect real-time flows on pipelines carrying Y-grade NGLs and purity products (ethane, propane, butane). Most of the monitored lines are centered on Mont Belvieu, North America’s largest storage and processing hub for natural gas liquids. It’s the main delivery point for physical NGLs and its operation largely determines the pricing for LPG futures contracts.NGL Pipeline Monitor




Delivery: Emailed alerts, access to Genscape's Oil Intelligence dashboard, and historical Excel datasets 

Frequency: Real-time

Locations: United States

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The NGLs Pipeline Monitor features:

  • Monitoring of NGLs pipelines carrying purity grade (ethane, propane, butane, C5+) or NGL mix
  • Real-time alerts of significant changes to flows based on Genscape’s proprietary flow data and knowledge of the historical operating profile for each pipeline
  • The ability to download flow data for monitored pipelines in 30-minute, daily, weekly, or monthly increments
  • Daily operational view of individual pipelines that includes several hours of flow history, as well as charts on weekly flow year-on-year and real-time flow
  • Transparent representation of exactly which pumping stations Genscape monitors on each pipeline
  • Charts of power consumption at each monitored pumping station
“NGLs traders benefit greatly from our real-time Gulf Coast ethylene cracker alerts and live updates of Mont Belvieu’s production. We measure the fundamentals that drive the NGL market.”

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Benefits of the NGLs Pipeline Monitor includes:

  • Real-time operational status updates of pipelines that feed Mont Belvieu provides unmatched transparency in the NGLs and purity products markets
  • Access to additional market intelligence as new pipelines are added to the services